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External Photo Inspiration

Minimalistic Pictures By Pierre Pellegrini

My new NEX set…

Ok, I think by now I have my basic NEX set complete:


Sony NEX-7
Sony NEX-3
Sigma DP1s (not a NEX, but I love it)

Sony SEL 2.8/16*
Pentax-110 2,8/18 (“effect” lens)
Pentax-110 2.8/24 (“effect” lens)
Sigma EX 2.8/30 DN*
Fujian CCTV 1.7/35 (“effect” lens)
Olympus PEN Zuiko 1.8/38
Pentax-110 2.8/50 (“effect” lens)
Leica Summitar 2/5cm
Pentax-110 2.8/70 (“effect” lens)
Leica Elmar 4/90

Sony SEL 18-55 OSS*
Sony SEL 55-210 OSS*


The complementary set reads like:

Tamron 2.5/24
Pentax-M SMC 2.8/28
Konica Hexanon 1.8/40
Minolta Rokkor 2/45
Jupiter-3 1.5/50
Konica Hexanon 1.4/57

Tamron 3.5/35-70

Leica C2 (for film shots)

Wow! I, or rather my bag, made it!

My Heritage bag is entry number 98 at the “In my bag” series by

5 Reasons to switch back to film?

5 Reasons Why I Am Glad I Switched to a Film Rangefinder for Street Photography by Eric Kim

Easy Photoshop Black/White Points

That’s clever!

Traveling in South America with the Sony NEX-7 and Leica

Hosted @ Steve Huff

The astonishing pictures drawn by PENCIL!

 Images created by hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden.


The wonders with Pentax Auto 110 lenses

Intersting artcile on a highly fascinating subject.

Insights from Street Photographer Martin Parr


“Expose to the Right”


New field for collection

Pentax Auto 110 lenses on Sony NEX.

Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011

No easy stuff…

Source for information about FD-lenses…


This is a picture I did not take…


And more about that here!

Leica to launch new compact system in 2012


The very first DSLR…

The Electro-Optic Camera

More about it here


An I thought my Nikon D1 was old. ;)

10 Tips on How to Cure Yourself of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)


Fuji X-Pro 1

Unterwegs mit der Fuji X-Pro 1

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Hands-on Review

Fuji X-Pro 1 first look

Fuji XF-Objektive (German)

Magnum Photos – The Changing of a Myth


Excellent text on composition…

The Surrealist Manifesto: Part VI

On Sale!

I have started a new “ON SALE”-page here:



The two most interesting compact system cameras…

… and reviews of them:

Sony NEX-7 review

Fujifilm X-Pro1 – A first look


Year of construction…

Do you want to know in which year your Leica was built?

Leica Annual General Meeting Bag is packed…

On March 31 to April 1, I am going to attend the Leica Historica e.V. spring meeting and will go to the Camera Fair in Solms. That means a free weekend for me. Wow!
"Half case" for NEX-7

In order to make use of the free time, I of course will bring my camera bag which is already packed:

  • Leica Digilux 2
  • Sony NEX-7
  • Sony NEX-3
  • Sony SEL 2.8/16
  • Pentax-110 2.8/18
  • Tamron 2.5/24
  • Fujian CCTV 1.7/35
  • Olympus PEN 1.8/38
  • Jupiter-3 1.5/50
  • Leica Summitar 2/5cm
  • Leica Elmar 4/90
  • Sony SEL 18-55 OSS
  • Sony SEL 55-210 OSS
  • Metz Flashgun

And a Leica C2, a Yashica 521,a Sigma DP1s and perhaps a Zorki-4 in the vest pockets.
Just for the fun of it. ;)


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