Using a different lens every week (ahmm… well) for 70+ weeks (or more)… ;)

Week 12: Tokina SZ-X 4-5.3/28-105 SD

This Tokina was one of the first manual focus zoom lenses I got and I kept it for quite a while, because I really liked it. I have sold in meanwhile together with the Nikon EM. I just needed to get rid of some of my gear. Someday it gets too much. 😉

Anyway, this Tokina lens is not a fast one (f/4-5.3) but it’s well built and doing without the fastest apertures probably was a very wise decision by the lens makers. This lens surprises with its image quality.
Of course, you cannot expect the same quality as with Zeiss or Leica zooms but if you consider the price you can find it for, it’s amazing.

But since the same things do not need to be written twice, I’d like to point you at a nice experience report on this lens on a well-made website: “Lens Porn!” If you follow this link, you’ll find several wonderful photos that were taken with this Tokina.

Here is one of those I took:
Tokina SZ-X 4-5.3/28-105 SD


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