Using a different lens every week (ahmm… well) for 70+ weeks (or more)… ;)

Flashgun for the NEX-7

The NEX-7 has a useful flash aboard. But sometimes you might want a stronger one.
So I was looking for a solution that offers me at least a flash guide number of 20, a small flash body, a good quality and a cheap price.
That sounded almost impossible.

But believe it or not I have found one:

Metz Mecablitz 24 AF-1 S (for Sony)

Metz 24 AF-1 @ NEX-7


This flashgun fits perfectly to the NEX-7 and works really well. With a guide number of 24 at 35mm it is strong enough for my needs.
It offers Sony’s Pre-flash TTL and ADI metering (similar to Canon’s E-TTL) and the reflector can be turned in order to bounce the flash.
I paid €55,- for the Metz.

Here you see why I did not want to use a regular flashgun. Those are just too big for my taste:

Metz 24 and Cullmann 4500


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