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My 30 favourite cams…

[EDIT: This entry is from Apr 2012. A lot had changed meanwhile…]

Some time ago I have linked to the “50 greatest cams of all time”. Today, I’d like to set up a list of my personal 30 favourite cams.

You will realize that most of them are digital cameras but some film cams are still there. 😉

1. Sony NEX-7
This little cam combines everything: fantastic performance, great built, very easy handling and compact size.

2. Canon EOS 5D
My first “fullframe” DSLR that brought back the FoV of my old lenses which I was used to on film. Great IQ and fantastic handling.

3. Canon EOS 40D
My top cam until I got the 5D and the NEXes. Fast, rugged, very good IQ. All you need, really.

4. Sony NEX-3
When it was marketed I did not like the NEX at all, but after I had tried it for the first time, I completely fell in love with it and with the possibility to use almost any manual lens adapted to this little miracle.

5. Leica Digilux-2
This cam cannot stand up against modern digicams in terms of IQ and the viewfinder is lousy, but its looks and the classic handling it offers are priceless.

6. Canon EOS 350D*
The 350D was my first DSLR and has really started it all. A great little cam.

7. Sigma DP1s
A cam with an f4/28mm lens? What sense can that have? Well, to be honest, I would prefer the 2.8/41 lens of the DP2s but I got the DP1s for a very good price. It’s a great chance to use that fantastic Foveon sensor.

8. Leica IIIa syn
It’s a real beauty and my first “Barnack-Leica”.

9. Asahi Spotmatic SPII
A present from a good friend of mine and one of the most beautiful cameras ever made.

10. Leica C2
My first Leica. A typical compact camera but with a very nice 35-70 zoom lens.

11. Nikon F
This cam has been in Vietnam during the war. If it only could tell. A true classic!

12. Zorki-4
The best real rangefinder (with a rangefinder included in the viewfinder) cam with exchangeable lenses I have, great viewfinder!

13. Yashica Electro 35GS
The Yashi was a present from an American friend. And being a fan of rangefinder cameras it was my solution for my Leica envy. 😉

14. Ricoh KR-10x
This little Ricoh SLR was the first SLR I have ever bought. It served me well through my time as a freelancer for a local newspaper.

15. Yashica EZ Q521
It is considered to be a “toy cam” but it is much better than you might expect. Really an interesting cam to use.

16. Sony DSC-V1
Small and versatile. Perhaps one of the best 5 MPix cams ever made.

17. Canon G2
Another digicam classic! Excellent 4 MPix files.

18. Nikon D1
A true work-horse! In 1999 this was the first “real” DSLR on the market. A milestone in digital camera history.

19. Canon EOS 300D
The first “affordable” DSLR. I got it some years later for almost nothing, because the AF is out of order. Nevermind, I use it with my manual lenses anyway.

20. Panasonic Lumix LC-5
This cam has its flaws, but it so beautiful!

21. Panasonic Lumix FZ-20
This was the camera that succeeded my DiMage 7 and offered a fascinating long tele.

22. Panasonic Lumix FX-37
For quite a while my “allways-with-me”-cam. The lens starts at a 25mm equivalent!

23. Pentax Optio S
A spontaneous buy in Cologne. I instantly fell in love when I saw this super-compact jewel.

24. Fuji FinePix 4900
At its time it was one of the most fascinating cameras and the design is futuristic and very beautiful.

25. Sigma SD9
The classic “diva” beneath the  DSLRs, a pain to use but you can get great results.

26. Fuji FinePix 4800
Porsche design and a real “Handschmeichler”.

27. Minolta DiMage 7
This was the cam that started it for me. I bought it when I thought my Kodak DC 240i to be insufficient. The DiMage 7 is sluggish and eats up batteries but it felt like a real cam.

28. Canon EOS 50e*
The only high-end AF film SLR cam I ever had.

29. Agfa Super Silette
The first rangefinder camera I got – a present from an uncle. This Agfa cam was his “poor-man’s” Leica.

30. Franka 125
My dad’s old cam and the one I learned the first steps in photography on in the 80s.

* = Those cams I do not have any more.


3 responses

  1. Stefan

    Hi Carsten!

    16. Sony DSC-V1
    Small and versatile. Perhaps one of the best 5 MPix cams ever made.

    Successor: Sony DSC-V3.

    RAW, beautifull design, very good pictures “out of cam” and this optional sony leather case. With the case, it looks like a Panasonic LC-5.

    Best regards, Stefan

    January 5, 2014 at 16:54

    • Thanks, Stefan.
      But you refer to an almost two year old thread. Quite a lot has changed. 😉

      January 6, 2014 at 21:39

  2. Stefan

    oh heck!


    January 7, 2014 at 21:12

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