Using a different lens every week (ahmm… well) for 70+ weeks (or more)… ;)

New toy has arrived…

I am selling some stuff at the moment, so there will be some cash in my budget again soon (I hope).

Quick as I am, I have already invested the future money. 😉

Nikon V1 1

Why did I buy this cam?
Well, first of all a very good friend of mine owns one and allowed me to play with it. Wow, it is fast!
I thought that it might be a very nice replacement for my aged Leica Digilux-2. So I set up a comparison between those two cams: Digilux-2 vs. Nikon 1.

This table really showed me that the V1 would be the perfect modern replacement and thus I decided to take the plunge.

So far, I am pretty thrilled by this little Nikon. It’s a great “take-it-wherever-you-go” cam.


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