Using a different lens every week (ahmm… well) for 70+ weeks (or more)… ;)

“Mini M” or “Maxi Disappointment”?

Leica has published the details about the new model, the “X Vario”.

The first reactions in worldwide forums were disappointment and a sermon of upset Leica fans who couldn’t believe what they were reading.

My thought were very similar.

A lens with f3.5-6.4 and no internal viewfinder (the latter even more important and worse for me!) for such a price?

OK, Leica, that’s a camera for those who already own everything. But perhaps we should wait until we get the chance to shoot with it before we judge on it.

Those two guys already have had the chance:

Yvonne Venegas

Jonathan (


The next thing I will do is to read through Sean Reid’s review…


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