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Let’s Talk About Gear

by JULIUS MOTAL on 07/08/2014


Very well written and finally (Thank you!) not another article that jumps on that silly bandwagon about “it’s not the camera that counts”. To a certain extend it is. As with any tools.

You know that old story about the cook who is never asked with which pots and pans he has cooked that delicious dinner. Well, I would like to see a star cook preparing a complicated meal with old, rusty pots. 😉 Cooks also care about the gear they use. Ask one about his favourite knife!


The Pros and Cons of Manual Focusing

by G SERVO on 06/06/2014


by Amateur Photographer 


Good article!

At 10b Photography

What the…? 10.000.000 frames … per second???

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Nobody Knows Anything…

Great article, precisely analyzed!

By Michael Reichmann

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Not really photography, but still… 😉

“And now for something completely different…”

Not about photography, but about a topic that should concern us all:

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Absolutely amazing!