Using a different lens every week (ahmm… well) for 70+ weeks (or more)… ;)


Nikon F3

Nikon F3 HP

Nikon F3

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Exactly my thoughts…


Why I Like My Nikon Df, And Don’t Care What Others Think



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Kai Wong ist absolutely right here, I guess.

The 9 most important Nikon cameras ever


Hey, here I have shot with six of those nine and I still own two of them (D1, V1). And I think the original “F” is missing.

My complete (or not) Nikon list reads like this: Nikon F*, EM, F65*, F-601*, L35AF*, CP950*, D1*, D3100…
(* = still with me)

Don’t buy that Sony a7 camera yet…

…Nikon is rumored to release a new full frame hybrid camera soon!


There is some uproar in the market!!

Some camera and lens legends…

Nikon F

Alpa 9d

Argus C3


50mm Kern Macro Switar

Guide: Starting DSLR Photography (On a Budget)

Quite a nice article by Skovra.

(Of course, it’s a little Nikon biased but it’s still good.)

The old workhorse…


Nikon D1

My gear?

Sometimes people ask me: “Hey, you have a lot of stuff. Can you show us all your gear?”
Well, no I can’t. It’s too much to get everything in one shot and still be able to recognize a thing. 😉

Actually, I used to have way more than I own at the moment. I have sold quite a bit.

All the remainers I have organized in typical “sets” or “combos”. And that’s the reason why I still keep so much. I’d like to keep most of my cams and therefore I need to keep many lenses. What use is a cam without a lens?

OK, what I can do, is to present you a list of those “combos”: (In order of frequency of usage.)

Nikon 1 V1: 10-30, 1.8/18.5, Fujian 1.4/25, 1.7/35, 1.4/50 (c-mount)
Leica M8: Voigtländer Heliar 4.5/15 & Ultron 2/28 & Ultron 1.7/35 & Heliar 2.5/75, Leica Summitar 2/50, Jupiter-3 1.5/50
Sony NEX-7: Sony SEL 2.8/16 + WW-converter, Sigma EX 2.8/19 & 2.8/30, Hexanon 1.4/57, Sony SEL 55-210 OSS (+ M-lenses above)
Nikon D3100: Nikkor AF-S 18-70, Tamron 70-300, (Nikkor AF-S 18-55VR)
Canon EOS 5D: Rokkor 2/28, Summicron-R 2.0/50, Nikkor-SC 1.2/55, Nikkor 1.8/85, Tamron 2.5/135, Elmar 4/180, Tamron 8/500, Tamron 2.8-3.8/35-80, Sigma EX 15-30, Sigma 1.8/24, Canon EF 1.8/50
NEX-3: Tamron 2.5/24, Pentax-110 2.8 (18/24/50/70), Hexanon 1.8/40, Leica Hektor 4.5/135, Sony SEL 18-55 OSS
Nikon D1 & Fuji S2 Pro: Vivitar 2.5/28, MIR 2/35, Jupiter-37 3.5/135, Soligor 3.5/70-220, Sigma 2.8/50 Makr
Canon EOS 300D: CZJ Flek 4/20, Steinheil 2.8/35, Zuiko 1.4/50, Helios-44 2/58, Jupiter-9 2/85, Vivitar S1 2.3/135 

Leica IIIa sync: Leitz Summitar 2/5cm
Zorki-4: Jupiter-8 2/50
Asahi Spotmatic SPII: Zenitar 2.8/16, Tamron 2.5/28, Mamiya 1.8/55, Tamron 3.5/35-70
Nikon F: Nikkor 2.8/24, Nikkor-SC 1.4/50
Ricoh KR10x: Pentax-M 1.7/50, Rikenon 3.4-4.5/35-70
EXA Varex: CZJ Biogon 2/58 

Compact cams:
Leica C2, Minox 35 GL,Yashica Electro 35 GS, Kodak Retina Ia, Agfa Super Silette, Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim and some others…
“regularly” used = Sigma DP1s, Canon G3IR, Lumix LC-5 & FX37, Lumix FZ20, Sony V1
rarely used = Sony Mavica 300, Fuji 4800Z + 4900Z, Oly C3030, Pentax Optio S, Nikon CP950, a.s.m.