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Week 11: Canon FL 3.5/28


There is hardly anything to find about this lens on the internet. Even on PBase you won’t find a lot. That’s a shame, since it is not only a beautiful lens but also a rather good one. The FL-series is the older one by Canon, even older than the FD-series. And a f3.5/28 is perhaps not considered worthwhile because it is a “slow” lens, most 28mm lenses are faster.

This lens, however, earns to be used. FL/FD lenses cannot just be adapted to a modern EOS cam, you have to use an adapter with a corrective lens (see other posts about my FL lenses) and such a lens can deteriorate image quality, it surely generates more flare than without. On film (Canon FTb QL) it provides excellent results.

Distortion is nicely low and CA’s are well controlled. It would be intersting to use that lens with a non-corrective adapter on my NEX-3. Here you find a discussion about using FL-lenses.

Some shots from the thaw in winter 2011:

last snow