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In the Garden..

On Sunday I had the chance to shoot a little with my “new” Sigma SD10 in a friend’s garden to see if the Foveon sensor really rocks when it comes to colours. What else but a garden in autumn can show the colour rendering of a sensor?

The lenses I used are a Vivitar 1.9/35, a Mamiya Sekor 1.8/55 and a Volna-3 2.8/80.

Here are some shots:

They say that a Foveon Sensor creates a high sharpness in the images due to the absence of interpolation. Well, sharpness is nothing I could complain about. 😉 Now, what about colour?

It seems to me that colour, especially when you shoot in sunlight, is boosted. The Foveon intensifies saturation to an extend that I’d say I tend to reduce it again in post-production.

So, did you like Fuji Velvia slides? Then I would bet you like the Foveon colours. Of course, since you only shoot in RAW with the SD10, colour rendition also depends on how you process your files to JPG.

The SD10 is a fascinating cam, but it demands some dedication. You need to take care of your images when processing them. In the same way it is no cam for the action shooter, it is no cam for quick’n’dirty image developing. If you take your time, you will get some fantastic results – quite a cam for today when we all need some “de-acceleration”…