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Why Sigma?

by Carl Rytterfalk

Sigma DP1x

Darwin Wigget’s field review of the Sigma DP1x.

Week 4: Asahi Super-Takumar 2.8/105

Takumar 105After a bad week with bronchitis and conjunctivitis, I now – finally – can add a new lens report to this blog. This time it’s about the Super-Tak 2.8/105.

The second Takumar lens in this blog. Takumars are generally very good. I hardly know bad models and still they are rather affordable, unless you want to buy one of the really rare ones. This 105mm lens is already one of the more expensive lenses and a precious one it is.

It works adapted to an APS-EOS, a fullframe EOS and a Sigma DSLR, thus I can use this lens on all of my digital SLR cameras. Even on my dad’s Fuji S2 Pro it can be used, but you won’t get focus on infinity on a body with Nikon mount. (Well, you can, but then you need to use an adapter with a correction lens.)

One great think about the Takumars is their great built. As long as they are in decent condition they really feel good in your hands. There are different versions of this lens, but in order to find information about these Pentax lens predecessors, I’d recommend the Taunusreiter pages – an excellent source!

This Takumar is a really nice lens. It’s sharp and can resolve some fine details. There is no distortion visible and vignetting is very low even wide open. The bokeh it produces is velvety, but can get a little grumpy with complicated structures such as twigs and branches in the out-of-focus areas. And it neither is the best lens to render those smoothly shaped bokeh highlights, the Tak 105 clearly shows a ring. It is, however, much better than most other lenses. Colour rendition is very pleasant and neutral. If f/2.8 is fast enough for you, there is not much left to be wanted.

Here are some shots, taken with the EOS 5D:

Takumar 105


And some images taken with the Sigma SD10:


And finally some taken with the EOS 300D:


A new horse in my stable…

Yes, I am a Canon EOS fan. Not because I don’t like Nikon or Pentax (I’ve always even had some kind of special fondness for the Pentax philospohy) or Olympus, but because the EOS 350D was the best affordable DSLR when I wanted to buy one some years ago. And then I stayed with Canon. My next cam was the 40D, later – after I had sold the 350D – the 5D as a fullframe camera (Yeah, finally 24×36 again!) and even a “manual focus” (broken AF) 300D arrived at my place.

But one day I started to be interested in the Foveon technology and if it really was that much better than the Bayer matrix. So I got a Polaroid x530, the only really “cheap” Foveon cam. I like the way it looks and I like the results at low ISO settings, but it is pretty slow, so I did not use it often.

Well, as it sometimes happens, I got the chance to get hold of a mint Sigma SD10. A Spanish friend wanted to sell his copy. I did not think about it for long. We quickly had a deal. And now I am the proud owner of my fourth (actually, fifth) DSLR. Gosh, that’s kind of decadent, isn’t it?

Well, anyway, here it is:

Sigma SD10

Since I do not own any Sigma SA/SD lenses, I only can use my M42-lenses on this cam. But I do like to take photos with manual lenses anyway and I do have several very nice M42-lenses, so that is not really a problem.

What do others think about the SD10?
Well, here is Wikipedia, always quite a good start for research. DPReviews is a really recommendable site when you need to find out something about digital cameras. And DCRP also offers quite extensive reports about digicams. Finally, here is what Steve and Ken think about this cam. (Ken is a very special type of guy, often provocative and polarizing but mostly entertaining 😉 but I still like Steve a little better.)

What do I think about the Sigma?
Well, I have to use it a little before I can judge on it. My first impression was one of a sturdy built and nice haptics as well as a rather slow image handling and a poor high ISO performance. But I really cannot summarise it now. I need some time to get used to it and to see the first real life results. And believe me, I am really looking forward to that! (Big boys – big toys, right?)