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Week 14: Soligor C/D Zoom+Macro 3.5-4.5/28-105 MC

Another Soligor C/D lens.

As said in the last entry, the “C/D” lenses were for Soligor what “Series 1” was for Vivitar, “AT-X” is for Tokina, “EX” is for Sigma and “L” is for Canon.

When I was looking for this lens in the internet, I could not find anything about it that did not come from my own pen. It seems that nobody who writes in the net has ever owned or used this lens. Again, this is a pity. This 28-105 is really good. Unfortnately, I only have this lens in Canon FD-mount and thus can only refer to its performance on film or with a corrective EOS adapter. The latter would not be fair, so I concentrate on how I like this lens on my Canon FTb QL (see picture).

This Soligor lens is well built and offers with its one-touch-zoom a nice handling. The performance is good and it’s reasonably fast. I like the contrast it produces and on a Canon film SLR, it might be considered a highly recommendable “allround zoom”.

I do not own a FD-NEX-adapter; if I did, I could test it without a corrective lens on a digital sensor. Perhaps one day I can do that. 😉

This 28-105 has a rather huge front lens (72mm diameter) which helps to prevent vignetting but might trigger some flare, so you have to be careful with the position of the sun. But actually, I could not observe any particular flare dispositon of this lens.

If you shoot with a Canon film SLR, this lens can be the only lens you want (perhaps apart from a fast 50mm).

Week 13: Soligor C/D Zoom+Macro 3.8-5.3/35-200 MC

There is not much to find out about this lens in the net (as you can see here) and I have never seen anybody else using it, which really is a shame since it is a fine zoom lens, very good on film and very nice on a digital APS-C DSLR (even though the equivalent focal length is not that thrilling any more then).

I liked that lens (I have to use past tense, because I sold the lens some time ago) a lot on my Nikon film bodies and it was nice on my EOS 350D. On a digital fullframe cam (such as my EOS 5D) it is not that good any more, still useable but it shows the typical drawbacks of a zoom lens with that focal range (35 to 200, wide angle to medium long tele): weak corners and visible distortion.

It’s built is very nice, as with all Soligor “C/D” lenses which used to be some kind of top series similar to the “Series 1” by Vivitar or the “AT-X” by Tokina.

It’s no bokeh king and sharpnesswise it’s good but not extraordinary, but the contrast it renders is pretty nice and it has no real “no-go” flaw. And if we consider the extensive zoom range and allow for some compromises this is a lens that we could easily call “recommendable”.