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Sorry! Long time no see…

Oh, boy! I have left this blog alone for some time. Too many things to do. Shame on me.

Anyway, here are some interesting links:

The Frankencamera (What a fantastic project! I would love to have such a cam.)


How to develop colour film in b/w chemicals.


A Natural Light Tip That Will Have Strobists Selling Their Lights

George Eastman House Video-Reihe über die wichtigsten Fotografieverfahren (German)

Romain Laurent’s animated portraits

… and his website! (Extremely good, extremely funny!)


classic, vintage & beautiful

Wasser als Sujet

Ein Fotoprojekt der AWS

Katja's Welt durch den Sucher!

Mit der Kamera die Welt entdecken.

low fidelity

a film photography blog

Cosmin Munteanu

Seconds, Milli Seconds

Cemal Sagnak

Leica Streetphotography


Fitting digital camera components into an analog rangefinder.

der kulturpolitische reporter

Kultur, Politik, Kulturpolitik

Smiling Rice

Houkouonchi in Japan

Schule Social Media

Philippe Wampfler


Wer Angst hat, dass ihm Ideen geklaut werden, der scheint nicht viele zu haben.

Olympus OM blog

Olympus Cameras, travels, my family and the outdoors

linsensippe marburg

Fotonerds aus Oberhessen